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Dog daycare - SIMPLY THE BEST


Our doggie daycare program provides a full day of fun, exercise, play and exploration
with dogs of similar size. Daycare gives dogs the opportunity to do what they enjoy doing the most, playing and having fun with other dogs. The bulk or best of the playtime will be from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. We will not accept your dog into daycare if you arrive anytime after 11:00am Tuesday-Saturday. There will be no daycare offered on Sundays or Mondays!

Our daycare program includes group play outside, pool play, dog park play and exploration. Each dog MUST be social and get along with other dogs. Dogs must also be spayed and neutered over the age of 6 months in order to participate. We do NOT allow Bully-breeds to participate in any group play or daycare at The Lodge [Pit Bulls, Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, Bullmastiffs and American Staffordshire Terriers]. Private Daycare and Dayboard options for your pet/pets are available at an additional charge.

Our doggie daycare program includes the following:

  • Four outdoor play areas provide plenty of room to run, play and make new friends
  • Outdoor splash and swim pool with a beach entry allows dogs of all sizes and swimming ability to splash, swim and cool off on hot Florida afternoons
  • A covered pavilion provides shade and a special spot for relaxation and lounging Includes a visit to the our 10,000 sq. ft. dog park, with specially designed play equipment for hours of fun and exercise
  • All day supervision by trained Lodge staff
  • Daycare area is fire sprinkled for your dog’s protection and safety
  • Early drop-off and late pick-up times for your convenience
  • A free public webcam that gives you unlimited access to viewing your dog poolside all day


Half Day of daycare [up to 5 hours] – is available at $18.00 per dog
Full Day of daycare [5 - 9 hours] – is available at $28.00 per dog
Extended Day of daycare [9 - 12 hours] – is available at $33.00 per dog


**effective April 1, 2015**

Discount FULL DAY coupon books available for 5, 10, and 20 day increments.


Buy a FULL DAY of daycare for 5 days – get 1 day FREE cost is $140.00
Buy a FULL DAY of daycare for 10 days – get 2 days FREE cost is $280.00
Buy a FULL DAY of daycare for 20 days – get 5 days FREE cost is $560.00 

To receive your discount coupon booklet, the booklet must be paid for in full at the time of its first use.

-There is no expiration on the booklet or individual coupons
-Booklets will not be replaced if lost or stolen

Dog Day Care Tampa, Florida